Version 10 on 7/30/15 lost all settings and file folder access. Extremely slow computer, can I get some help?

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version 10 on 7/30/15 lost all settings and file folder access. extremely slow computer HELP

I got the auto upgrade prompt and did the auto upgrade from ver 8.1 to ver 10, and now my computer is extremely slow and i cannot even access my settings tab it just wont open n all my desktop settings from my earlier version are gone. I cannot even access my own folders. It keeps telling me I cannot access the folders.I am in a big problem situation. Please let me know how to reverse back to my older version 8.1 and undo this download. N bring my access to all my folders.I took the new version upgrade just so I could have the sound files to work in movie maker and edit my video files but it seems that still doesnt work. Instead I just made my working computer into an extremely slow snail pace and also lost all access to my settings my HP settings and no access is granted to my own files/folders in the drive any more. I need This fixed asap n no online help is able to give me instructions.Please HELP to fix or revert back to my original version and files an folders access. My laptop is less than a year old and was working fine until the new version download.Please HELP

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