Where can I get a Surface pro 2 charger cable replacement?

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Surface pro 2 charger cable replacement

The charger plug of my surface pro 2 charger has been broken (wires were cut and plug is cracked)
I thought of fixing it instead of buying a new one as the surface pro 2 accessories are not easily found in Egypt and if I order online it will cost alot
I found some stores on Amazon selling charging cables that can be attached to power banks and they have the surface pro 2 plug at the end so that you can use power banks to charge the surface
My idea is to cut that cable and solder it to the original cable that came with the tablet pc inorde to replace the faulty plug
My question is there a specific wire color code arrangement in order to get things working?
I still didn't cut the faulty plug and see the covered wire colors as I'm waiting for your guide.

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