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Why isn't my Nokia Lumia 730 Here Drive working properly?

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Nokia Lumia 730 Here drive not working properly.

I recently bought Lumia 730 phone from Flip kart and the phone's here drive is not all all working properly.I downloaded the maps again and also tried installing here drive app again but still the issue persists.When I search for particular destination offline/online in here drive,the results are not all displayed and the only result which I get is "still searching"(very long time to search).
Even if the route is detected the arrow head in the navigation route never change,it will be static near the initial point.
I bought the phone because of the very important and good feature oh "here drive" and I am really disappointed.
Should I go to Nokia service station for the help as the guarantee period of my mobile phone still exists?
Can anybody please help me in this regard?Thanks in advance...


New member
Jul 10, 2014
Re: Nokia Lumia 730 Here drive not working properly.

Ctr Alt Del aka reboot. Check location service is on.