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Windows 10 Update from Windows 8.1 blows away bookmarks and photos

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WPCentral Question

Can't find prior desktop nor can I find hundreds of photos that were in my Pictures folder. Where did they go? I had many, many photos that I added to the "Pictures" folder when using Windows 8.1. Now, I can't find any of them. Also, my bookmarks were blown away, and I was given no warning to save them before the upgrade started. I am not happy about this development.

Tony Clegg

New member
Jul 30, 2015
Initial question would be, did you upgrade from Windows 8.1 or just install from new?

In theory, the upgrade should give an option go keep your apps, personal data etc. However, all is not lost. If you upgraded, you should be able to retrieve any personal data by going to the Windows.old folder, then navigate to Users, then from there should be your documents, pictures, music etc.