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    *** Looks like Nokia finally came out with an official fix, please see here for how to fix this issue now: http://www.windowscentral.com/suffer...dows-phone-fix , I am glad that my fix helped a lot of you.***

    I have done this fix now 3 different times and have been successful. I will save all the discussion about how I came across it because I came to the revelation on how to do it at 2AM and just wanted to get this out and tell you how to fix it.

    This is the instructions after you click "Reset Phone" in the software and you are stuck at the cog wheels for hours or after force rebooting with (Volume Down and Power) you get the NOKIA logo.

    Download the following files:
    1. NaviFirmPlus 1.7
    2. Nokia_Care_Suite_5.0_2012.45.4.5
    Edit - Updated URL's my dropbox got banned.

    Unzip NaviFirm to a directory of your choice.
    Install Nokia_Care_Suite_5.0_2012.45.4.5

    NaviFirm Directions:
    1. Run NaviFirmPlus executable
    2. Under Products window scroll down to Nokia Lumia 920 (RM-820) *AT&T Only!!! (ADDED OTHER CODES TO BOTTOM OF THIS POST)
    3. Under Releases window choose 1231.2109.1242.1001
    4. Under Variants window choose your color, in my case for RED i was file (RM-820_NAM_ATT_US_VAR237330_V1_Red (059N5T7)
    5. Under files window make sure all the files are selected.
    6. Click the Download Button
    7. Wait for ALL the files to completely download, the FFU file will be 1.02GB in size.
    8. When complete, browse to: C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages
    9. Create a folder called Products
    10. Create a folder called rm-820
    11. You should now have a directory like: C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\Products\rm-820\
    12. Browse to the NaviFirmPlus folder you extracted
    13. Open the FW folder and then the folder of the firmware you downloaded.
    14. Copy the entire folder contents and paste it into the C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\Products\rm-820\ directory.

    Nokia_Care_Suite_5.0_2012.45.4.5 Directions:
    1. Launch Nokia Care Suite
    2. Click the Product Support Tool for Store 5.0
    3. Click File
    4. Click Open Product
    5. Choose RM-820 (Nokia Lumia 920)
    6. On the bottom left click Programming
    7. Click Recovery
    8. You should see the firmware you downloaded and copied earlier under the Properties field.
    9. Click Start
    10. The software will check the package contents, it will fail to find the phone, and ask you to reboot and give you a button to click retry.

    Phone Directions:
    1. Plug the phone into your PC
    2. Hold the Volume Down and the Power button, click RETRY on the Product Support Tools Window
    3. After you feel a vibration in the phone immediately release the Volume Down and the Power button and hold the Volume up button.
    4. Continue to hold the volume up button, you will see the software say "Rebooting"
    5. After about 15 seconds you will see a top NOKIA logo and the software will start flashing the phone.

    I shot the video with the phone functioning but I brought my phone back from the dead 3 times utilizing this process tonight and was stuck like many of you. Please let me know if this works for you as it did me.

    Current NAVIFIRM List so you can find the firmware you need:

    059L848: RM-820_NAM_ATT_US_VAR237330_V1_Black
    059N5T9: RM-820_NAM_ATT_US_VAR237330_V1_Cyan
    059N5T7: RM-820_NAM_ATT_US_VAR237330_V1_Red
    059N5T3: RM-820_NAM_ATT_US_VAR237330_V1_White
    059N5T5: RM-820_NAM_ATT_US_VAR237330_V1_Yellow

    059Q6W4: RM-820_Rogers_Canada_VAR240202_v2_Black
    059R2L8: RM-820_Rogers_Canada_VAR240202_v2_Yellow



    059R5X7: RM-821 VAR EU ES CV WHITE
    059R2R8: RM-821_CV_ES_VAR249511_12421_004_Black_V1 _Black
    059R4K1: RM-821_CV_PT_VAR251726_12421_004_Black_V1 _Black
    059R2R6: RM-821_VAR248607_TWCV_CHT_VAR_V8_Black
    059R373: RM-821_VAR248607_TWCV_CHT_VAR_V8_Red
    059R377: RM-821_VAR248607_TWCV_CHT_VAR_V8_White
    059R374: RM-821_VAR248607_TWCV_CHT_VAR_V8_Yellow


    059Q5D2: RM-821 GLOBAL GREY SWAP
    059Q5C9: RM-821 GLOBAL RED SWAP


    059Q8M3: RM-821 Vodafone DE VAR241882 Black v1_Black
    059R3S1: RM-821 Vodafone DE VAR241882 white v1
    059R2P5: RM-821 Vodafone DE VAR241882 Yellow v1
    059R2C5: RM-821_Orange_Poland_VAR240569_12401_Matt_Black_V04_Black
    059R390: RM-821_Orange_Poland_VAR240569_12401_Matt_Black_V04_Red
    059R389: RM-821_Orange_Poland_VAR240569_12401_Matt_Black_V04_White
    059R388: RM-821_Orange_Poland_VAR240569_12401_Matt_Black_V04_Yellow
    059Q993: RM-821_Swisscom_CH_VAR240598_12421_002_v2_Black
    059Q991: RM-821_Swisscom_CH_VAR240598_12421_002_v2_White
    059Q992: RM-821_Swisscom_CH_VAR240598_12421_002_v2_Yellow


    059Q805: RM-821_HKCV_VAR241305_12421_002_Black_v1_Black
    059Q852: RM-821_HKCV_VAR241305_12421_002_Black_v1_White
    059Q851: RM-821_HKCV_VAR241305_12421_002_Black_v1_Yellow
    059Q993: RM-821_Swisscom_CH_VAR240598_12421_002_v1_Black
    059Q991: RM-821_Swisscom_CH_VAR240598_12421_002_v1_White
    059Q992: RM-821_Swisscom_CH_VAR240598_12421_002_v1_Yellow


    059R082: RM-821_3IT_VAR245615_Black_V1_5_Black
    059R0L4: RM-821_3IT_VAR245615_Black_V1_5_Red
    059R0L6: RM-821_3IT_VAR245615_Black_V1_5_White
    059R0L2: RM-821_3IT_VAR245615_Black_V1_5_Yellow
    059Q8G3: RM-821_CV_TH_VAR240745_v14_Black
    059Q8G2: RM-821_CV_TH_VAR240745_v14_Grey
    059Q8G4: RM-821_CV_TH_VAR240745_v14_Red
    059Q8G1: RM-821_CV_TH_VAR240745_v14_White
    059Q8G6: RM-821_CV_TH_VAR240745_v14_Yellow
    059R275: RM-821_Elisa_FI_VAR247977_12421_002_Black_V1_Black
    059R277: RM-821_Elisa_FI_VAR247977_12421_002_Black_V1_Red
    059R273: RM-821_Elisa_FI_VAR247977_12421_002_Black_V1_White
    059R274: RM-821_Elisa_FI_VAR247977_12421_002_Black_V1_Yellow
    059Q805: RM-821_HKCV_VAR241305_12421_002_Black_v1_Black
    059Q852: RM-821_HKCV_VAR241305_12421_002_Black_v1_White
    059Q851: RM-821_HKCV_VAR241305_12421_002_Black_v1_Yellow
    059R0H4: RM-821_ME_OpenMarket_VAR244662_Yellow_V9_Black
    059R0H2: RM-821_ME_OpenMarket_VAR244662_Yellow_V9_Red
    059R0H3: RM-821_ME_OpenMarket_VAR244662_Yellow_V9_White
    059R0H5: RM-821_ME_OpenMarket_VAR244662_Yellow_V9_Yellow
    059R0J3: RM-821_Mobily_KSA_VAR245412_Yellow_V9_Black
    059R0J4: RM-821_Mobily_KSA_VAR245412_Yellow_V9_Red
    059R0J5: RM-821_Mobily_KSA_VAR245412_Yellow_V9_White
    059R0J6: RM-821_Mobily_KSA_VAR245412_Yellow_V9_Yellow
    059Q980: RM-821_RU_MTS_V2_VAR240773_Black
    059Q982: RM-821_RU_MTS_V2_VAR240773_Red
    059Q985: RM-821_RU_MTS_V2_VAR240773_White
    059Q981: RM-821_RU_MTS_V2_VAR240773_Yellow
    059Q9G9: RM-821_Turkcell_Turkey_VAR243931_V8_Black
    059Q9H0: RM-821_Turkcell_Turkey_VAR243931_V8_Red
    059Q9G8: RM-821_Turkcell_Turkey_VAR243931_V8_White
    059Q9G7: RM-821_Turkcell_Turkey_VAR243931_V8_Yellow
    059R022: RM-821_UA_CV_V1_VAR245265__Black
    059R025: RM-821_UA_CV_V1_VAR245265__White


    059R4M1: RM-821 Country Variant Switzerland CH Red v1_COLOR
    059Q9F8: RM-821 Vodacom ZA_VAR243869_ Black_v1_8_Black
    059R116: RM-821 Vodacom ZA_VAR243869_ Black_v1_8_Red
    059Q9F9: RM-821 Vodacom ZA_VAR243869_ LTE_READY_Black_v1_9_White
    059Q9T6: RM-821_3HK_VAR244623_12421_002_BLACK_V1_Black
    059Q9T8: RM-821_3HK_VAR244623_12421_002_BLACK_V1_White
    059Q9T9: RM-821_3HK_VAR244623_12421_002_BLACK_V1_Yellow
    059Q996: RM-821_belgium_CV_VAR241742_12421_002_Black_V1_Black
    059R2M5: RM-821_belgium_CV_VAR241742_12421_002_Black_V1_Red
    059R2M4: RM-821_belgium_CV_VAR241742_12421_002_Black_V1_White
    059R2M6: RM-821_belgium_CV_VAR241742_12421_002_Black_V1_Yellow
    059R070: RM-821_Country_Variant_Poland_VAR242592_v2_9_Black
    059R066: RM-821_Country_Variant_Poland_VAR242592_v2_9_Red
    059R068: RM-821_Country_Variant_Poland_VAR242592_v2_9_White
    059R065: RM-821_Country_Variant_Poland_VAR242592_v2_9_Yellow
    059R3M5: RM-821_CV_AT_VAR249975_12421_002_v1_Black
    059R3P9: RM-821_CV_AT_VAR249975_12421_002_v1_Red
    059R3M8: RM-821_CV_AT_VAR249975_12421_002_v1_White
    059R3N1: RM-821_CV_AT_VAR249975_12421_002_v1_Yellow
    059Q9P4: RM-821_CV_AU_VAR244486_12421_002_Black_V1_Black
    059Q9X5: RM-821_CV_AU_VAR244486_12421_002_Black_V1_Grey
    059Q9P1: RM-821_CV_AU_VAR244486_12421_002_Black_V1_Red
    059Q9P3: RM-821_CV_AU_VAR244486_12421_002_Black_V1_White
    059Q9N8: RM-821_CV_AU_VAR244486_12421_002_Black_V1_Yellow
    059R015: RM-821_CV_CH_VAR241826_12421_002_v1_Black
    059R014: RM-821_CV_CH_VAR241826_12421_002_v1_White
    059R013: RM-821_CV_CH_VAR241826_12421_002_v1_Yellow
    059Q9L7: RM-821_CV_DE_VAR241810_Black
    059Q9M0: RM-821_CV_DE_VAR241810_Red
    059Q9L9: RM-821_CV_DE_VAR241810_White
    059Q9M1: RM-821_CV_DE_VAR241810_Yellow
    059Q9D7: RM-821_CV_DK_VAR242081_V1_Black
    059Q9F0: RM-821_CV_DK_VAR242081_V1_Red
    059Q9D9: RM-821_CV_DK_VAR242081_V1_White
    059Q9F1: RM-821_CV_DK_VAR242081_V1_Yellow
    059Q8X3: RM-821_CV_FI_VAR241977_12421_002_Black_V1_Black
    059Q917: RM-821_CV_FI_VAR241977_12421_002_Black_V1_Red
    059Q919: RM-821_CV_FI_VAR241977_12421_002_Black_V1_White
    059Q918: RM-821_CV_FI_VAR241977_12421_002_Black_V1_Yellow
    059R075: RM-821_CV_GB_VAR245507_v2_Black
    059R074: RM-821_CV_GB_VAR245507_v2_Grey
    059R071: RM-821_CV_GB_VAR245507_v2_Red
    059R073: RM-821_CV_GB_VAR245507_v2_White
    059R072: RM-821_CV_GB_VAR245507_v2_Yellow
    059R0N8: RM-821_CV_Ghana_VAR245730_Black_V1_Black
    059R0P6: RM-821_CV_Ghana_VAR245730_Black_V1_Red
    059R0P2: RM-821_CV_Ghana_VAR245730_Black_V1_White
    059R0P7: RM-821_CV_Ghana_VAR245730_Black_V1_Yellow
    059Q9X3: RM-821_CV_ID_12421_VAR245048_V5_Black
    059Q9X1: RM-821_CV_ID_12421_VAR245048_V5_Red
    059Q9X2: RM-821_CV_ID_12421_VAR245048_V5_White
    059Q9X0: RM-821_CV_ID_12421_VAR245048_V5_Yellow
    059Q9W5: RM-821_CV_IT_VAR245024_Black_v1_6_Black
    059Q9W8: RM-821_CV_IT_VAR245024_Black_v1_6_Red
    059Q9W7: RM-821_CV_IT_VAR245024_Black_v1_6_White
    059Q9W9: RM-821_CV_IT_VAR245024_Black_v1_6_Yellow
    059R016: RM-821_CV_NL_VAR245291_Black_v1_Black
    059R086: RM-821_CV_NL_VAR245291_Black_v1_Red
    059R018: RM-821_CV_NL_VAR245291_Black_v1_White
    059R1X9: RM-821_CV_NL_VAR245291_Black_v1_Yellow
    059Q920: RM-821_CV_norway_VAR243731_12421_002_Black_1_Black
    059Q921: RM-821_CV_norway_VAR243731_12421_002_Black_1_Red
    059Q922: RM-821_CV_norway_VAR243731_12421_002_Black_1_White
    059Q923: RM-821_CV_norway_VAR243731_12421_002_Black_1_Yellow
    059Q9G2: RM-821_CV_Turkey_VAR241720_V8_Black
    059Q9M2: RM-821_CV_Turkey_VAR241720_V8_Red
    059Q9G3: RM-821_CV_Turkey_VAR241720_V8_White
    059Q9G5: RM-821_CV_Turkey_VAR241720_V8_Yellow
    059R275: RM-821_Elisa_FI_VAR247977_12421_002_Black_V1_Black
    059R277: RM-821_Elisa_FI_VAR247977_12421_002_Black_V1_Red
    059R273: RM-821_Elisa_FI_VAR247977_12421_002_Black_V1_White
    059R274: RM-821_Elisa_FI_VAR247977_12421_002_Black_V1_Yellow
    059Q9R7: RM-821_MTN_ZA_VAR244597_Black_V6_Black
    059Q9R8: RM-821_MTN_ZA_VAR244597_Black_V6_White
    059R079: RM-821_Polkomtel_Poland_VAR242600_v2_6_Black
    059R077: RM-821_Polkomtel_Poland_VAR242600_v2_6_Red
    059R078: RM-821_Polkomtel_Poland_VAR242600_v2_6_White
    059R076: RM-821_Polkomtel_Poland_VAR242600_v2_6_Yellow
    059Q971: RM-821_RU_CV_V1_VAR240773_Black
    059Q978: RM-821_RU_CV_V1_VAR240773_Red
    059Q979: RM-821_RU_CV_V1_VAR240773_White
    059Q975: RM-821_RU_CV_V1_VAR240773_Yellow
    059R251: RM-821_Scandic_NO_SE_VAR247785_12421_002_Black_v1_Black
    059R2B4: RM-821_Scandic_NO_SE_VAR247785_12421_002_Black_v1_Red
    059R2B3: RM-821_Scandic_NO_SE_VAR247785_12421_002_Black_v1_White
    059R2B5: RM-821_Scandic_NO_SE_VAR247785_12421_002_Black_v1_Yellow
    059Q9W1: RM-821_Telenor_DK_VAR244162_V1_Black
    059R2J6: RM-821_Telenor_DK_VAR244162_V1_Red
    059Q9W2: RM-821_Telenor_DK_VAR244162_V1_White
    059Q9W3: RM-821_Telenor_DK_VAR244162_V1_Yellow
    059Q934: RM-821_Telenor_Norway_LTE_VAR241760 _12421_004_Black_01_Black
    059Q932: RM-821_Telenor_Norway_LTE_VAR241760 _12421_004_Black_01_Red
    059Q930: RM-821_Telenor_Norway_LTE_VAR241760 _12421_004_Black_01_White
    059Q927: RM-821_Telenor_Norway_LTE_VAR241760 _12421_004_Black_01_Yellow
    059Q934: RM-821_Telenor_Norway_VAR241760 _12421_004_Black_01_Black
    059Q932: RM-821_Telenor_Norway_VAR241760 _12421_004_Black_01_Red
    059Q930: RM-821_Telenor_Norway_VAR241760 _12421_004_Black_01_White
    059Q927: RM-821_Telenor_Norway_VAR241760 _12421_004_Black_01_Yellow
    059R012: RM-821_TIM_IT_VAR245044_Black_v1_9_Black
    059R027: RM-821_TIM_IT_VAR245044_Black_v1_9_White
    059R391: RM-821_TMO_DE_VAR250382_12421_002_Black_v1_Black
    059R022: RM-821_UA_CV_V1_VAR245265__Black
    059R025: RM-821_UA_CV_V1_VAR245265__White
    059Q8C2: RM-821_VAR242649_CV_FR_Black_v1_Black
    059R020: RM-821_VAR242649_CV_FR_Black_v1_Red
    059R0H0: RM-821_VAR242649_CV_FR_Black_v1_White
    059R017: RM-821_VAR242649_CV_FR_Black_v1_Yellow
    059Q9S1: RM-821_WIND_IT_VAR242342_Black_v1_8_Black
    059Q9W4: RM-821_WIND_IT_VAR242342_Black_v1_8_White
    059R378: RM-821_WIND_IT_VAR242342_Black_v1_8_Yellow


    059R620: RM-821_CV_NORTH_AFRICA_Black
    059R626: RM-821_CV_NORTH_AFRICA_Red
    059R623: RM-821_CV_NORTH_AFRICA_White
    059R631: RM-821_CV_NORTH_AFRICA_Yellow


    059Q8X3: RM-821_CV_FI_VAR253392_12443_001_Black_V1_Black
    059Q917: RM-821_CV_FI_VAR253392_12443_001_Black_V1_Red
    059Q919: RM-821_CV_FI_VAR253392_12443_001_Black_V1_White
    059Q918: RM-821_CV_FI_VAR253392_12443_001_Black_V1_Yellow
    059R075: RM-821_CV_GB_VAR253217_v3_Black
    059R074: RM-821_CV_GB_VAR253217_v3_Grey
    059R071: RM-821_CV_GB_VAR253217_v3_Red
    059R073: RM-821_CV_GB_VAR253217_v3_White
    059R072: RM-821_CV_GB_VAR253217_v3_Yellow


    059Q8Z6: RM-821_CV_SG_VAR243599_Black_V18_Black
    059Q8Z5: RM-821_CV_SG_VAR243599_Black_V18_Red
    059Q8Z4: RM-821_CV_SG_VAR243599_Black_V18_White
    059Q8Z3: RM-821_CV_SG_VAR243599_Black_V18_Yellow


    059Q8Z6: RM-821_CV_SG_VAR243599_Black_V17_Black
    059Q8Z5: RM-821_CV_SG_VAR243599_Black_V17_Red
    059Q8Z4: RM-821_CV_SG_VAR243599_Black_V17_White
    059Q8Z3: RM-821_CV_SG_VAR243599_Black_V17_Yellow


    059Q9H5: RM-821_CV_Sweden_VAR244189_12421_002_01_Black
    059Q9H3: RM-821_CV_Sweden_VAR244189_12421_002_01_Red
    059Q9H4: RM-821_CV_Sweden_VAR244189_12421_002_01_White
    059Q9H2: RM-821_CV_Sweden_VAR244189_12421_002_01_Yellow


    059Q9S4: RM-821 Vodafone IT VAR241927 Black v1_Black
    059R1N8: RM-821 Vodafone IT VAR241927 Red v1_color
    059R1Q5: RM-821 Vodafone IT VAR241927 White v1_color
    059R1P5: RM-821 Vodafone IT VAR241927 Yellow v1_color
    059R1W4: RM-821_EE_UK_VAR240565_Black_V3_Black
    059R1W7: RM-821_EE_UK_VAR240565_Black_V3_Red
    059R1W5: RM-821_EE_UK_VAR240565_Black_V3_White
    059R1W6: RM-821_EE_UK_VAR240565_Black_V3_Yellow


    059Q994: RM-821_TelecomNZ_AU_VAR241121_12412_002_Black_V1_Black
    059Q997: RM-821_Telstra_AU_VAR241052_12421_002_Black_V1_Black
    059Q9M6: RM-821_Telstra_AU_VAR241052_12421_002_Black_V1_Grey
    059Q9N2: RM-821_Telstra_AU_VAR241052_12421_002_Black_V1_Red
    059Q9N4: RM-821_Telstra_AU_VAR241052_12421_002_Black_V1_White
    059Q9M9: RM-821_Telstra_AU_VAR241052_12421_002_Black_V1_Yellow


    059R4H6: RM-821_ROW_DeveloperDevice_VAR251040_Black_v2_Black


    059R1W4: RM-821_EE_UK_VAR240565_Black_V11_Black
    059R1W7: RM-821_EE_UK_VAR240565_Black_V11_Red
    059R1W5: RM-821_EE_UK_VAR240565_Black_V11_White
    059R1W6: RM-821_EE_UK_VAR240565_Black_V11_Yellow


    059R2C6: RM-821_Orange_France_VAR240561_Matt_Black_V12_Black

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    This should be stickied. Unfortunately I found your solution too late and ended up exchanging my 920 at the local store. This definitely puts my mind at ease if I have to do another reset in the future. It was really frustrating because even as a tech savvy former android user I couldn't do anything to fix my bricked phone.
    11-19-2012 02:03 PM
  3. itxjobe's Avatar
    This should be stickied. Unfortunately I found your solution too late and ended up exchanging my 920 at the local store. This definitely puts my mind at ease if I have to do another reset in the future. It was really frustrating because even as a tech savvy former android user I couldn't do anything to fix my bricked phone.
    Understand completely, I hope this helps more people. Not sure how to get a thread stickied but I hope the thread is found by enough people.
    11-19-2012 02:23 PM
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    Nice and clear directions plus video with all the tools needed. This will surely be a life saver for many. Awesome job!
    11-19-2012 02:35 PM
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    does anyone know if you can install another version of firmware on attnt phone? how do you find which version u need anways if you bought it from negri which is an import
    11-19-2012 05:28 PM
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    I stuck the thread in the forum.
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    11-19-2012 05:32 PM
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    Outstanding. Thanks so much for the effort!
    11-19-2012 05:51 PM
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    Man wish this was here last week. Great Work.
    11-19-2012 06:14 PM
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    Does anyone know if this will work with Rogers phones as well? (since it is also RM-820 like AT&T's)?
    11-19-2012 07:42 PM
  10. WG Rowland's Avatar
    I'm in the process of restoring my backup after following your advice. I couldn't get the phone to sync to a PC and decided to try the reset button, which put it into an endless gears turning animation... At first I couldn't get your instructions to work. Finally, I decided to start checking USB cables (which should have been the first thing, not the last thing). Sure enough the original was out in the car where it was being used as a charging cable when I drove. THAT ONE connected and then the reboot and reflash worked...

    I don't know where you put together these pieces, but thank you.
    itxjobe likes this.
    11-19-2012 08:53 PM
  11. lordofthereef's Avatar
    As far as getting the thread stickied, just report it, and request a sticky. Best way to get a mod's attention. (FYI: reporting a thread doesn't automatically mean it is for BAD reasons, so no need to be paranoid. You know who you are) :)

    I will save all the discussion about how I came across it and just tell you how to fix it.
    May I ask why?
    11-20-2012 12:30 AM
  12. itxjobe's Avatar
    Cause it was 2am and I was tired and wanted to get it out lol!

    I was reading through a bunch of the WP7 fixes and flashes and just put all the puzzle pieces together. This being a new phone there wasnt a lot of info out there, but I have developed roms for android and have done a lot of different types of modding to phones over the last 7 years to figure it out.
    lordofthereef and jbjtkbw007 like this.
    11-20-2012 12:44 AM
  13. lordofthereef's Avatar
    Cause it was 2am and I was tired and wanted to get it out lol!

    I was reading through a bunch of the WP7 fixes and flashes and just put all the puzzle pieces together. This being a new phone there wasnt a lot of info out there, but I have developed roms for android and have done a lot of different types of modding to phones over the last 7 years to figure it out.
    Fair eenough.
    was just curious. Thanks for the response and the tutorial. Hoping for a sticky. :)
    11-20-2012 09:50 AM
  14. chaseerry's Avatar
    Brilliant! Saved my butt from going to an AT&T store after I got stuck with the spinning gears, then the Nokia screen. Thank you so much!
    11-20-2012 11:53 AM
  15. BakIILife's Avatar
    Top article BUT has anybody got any idea which options should be selected for the UK EE network?
    11-20-2012 02:27 PM
  16. itxjobe's Avatar
    Top article BUT has anybody got any idea which options should be selected for the UK EE network?
    After a quick look in the program (NaviFirm) it looks like yours is under: RM-821/1232.2110.1244.3011/
    11-20-2012 03:55 PM
  17. Mathias Hoelzli's Avatar
    I am having problems with NaviFirm+ 1.7. It keeps saying cannot connect to remote server. Anyone ideas?

    I deleted the file. restarted my computer and redownloaded. Nothing new happened.
    11-20-2012 04:45 PM
  18. timetex's Avatar
    Software all installed, but the Recovery isn't working.

    Phone seems pretty dead - I can get it to come up with the battery display and can get it to the "short vibra", release the buttons, but clicking "Retry" times out again.

    I don't think the phone is staying booting long enough to register and recover?
    11-21-2012 09:59 AM
  19. Cartman's Avatar
    Got this to work on my friends frozen phone (stuck on the NOKIA boot screen)...but after another reset from the about box it went back to the spinning gears. Unfortunately he decide to return it and go back to his iPhone 5.
    11-21-2012 03:05 PM
  20. Ognjen Bajic's Avatar
    My Microsoft Build conference Lumia 920 was bricked after the reset and this brought it back to life! Worked without a glitch! Thank you!
    11-21-2012 05:51 PM
  21. cinamann's Avatar
    Thanks so much! Att wouldn't help me and just sent me home.
    11-22-2012 01:55 AM
  22. timetex's Avatar
    Mine's going back. I went to another EE store and purchased a replacement on PAYG, and popped my TMUK and then my EE SIM in (UK) and everything works...

    So they can take back the faulty phone and credit me...
    11-22-2012 04:55 AM
  23. azasadny's Avatar
    Thank you!!!
    11-22-2012 10:42 AM
  24. ultimaxtofu's Avatar
    Can't install Nokia Care suite. Any ideas?
    11-26-2012 05:29 AM
  25. rdubmu's Avatar
    i can't install the second file, it won't let me install it because it first says I need windows VC ++ 2010 redisbuted then it says to download teh 2005 VC +++ SP1 , and repeats this even after I download that version.

    I have windows 7. I have a windows 8 computer, i doubt that will work. Any help would be much appreciated.

    - Bob
    McNaireP likes this.
    11-26-2012 08:13 AM
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