Recovery Tool for Lumia 950 is the best option for a great performing 950


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Jul 16, 2015
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When I got the Lumia 950 one month ago I loved it. But I faced some issues which are:
1. Heating up while charging.
2. Heating up while connected to Dock.
3. Battery life was a disaster. It wouldn't last me half a day.

I got a fast preview build last week and I was furious. The phone was going crazy. Heating up all the time. Turning off suddenly - rebooting. Apps wouldn't work etc.

I downloaded the Recovery Tool Program and recovered online the original build for Lumia 950. Strange enough once the phone was back to original build I no longer face the heat issue. When I charge the phone it doesn't heat up. When I use social media apps and play games it doesn't heat up.
My battery life improved big time. Now the phone is surviving all day long noting that my apps are running in the background. I did not turn off that function.

I really advise people to avoid downloading preview updates because it will really negatively effect the Lumia 950. Even if you bought a new Lumia and you have the original build do a recovery online from the program. You will get the latest original build which you might not have. Depending on the phone selling date.

I advise people to Recover ASAP you will really experience the power of the Lumia 950..

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