Why my phone sometimes have strange issues?


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Dec 21, 2017
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Hello, I own an Lumia 730, Windows 10, version 1607, OS build 10.0.14393.1944, firmware revision number 02040.00021.15063.02003.
Since last update, few days ago, I encounter some strange behavior:
First time, I couldn't unlock it (neither from button or double click on bar). I make a call from another phone to my phone, but nothing happened while I can hear in the other phone that the Lumia is ringing. I have to remove and put back the battery. After that it work fine.
Second time, while I reading some news, it freeze and start to vibrate uninterrupted. I couldn't do anything to solve the issue but to remove and put back the battery. I can saw that the battery was draining fast in the vibration time (when it started back, I saw this)
All this issues appear after my last update.
I have the phone since November 2015 with the same battery and I was very pleased about it, but what can I expect from now on, taking account the last issues?
Can the battery be the cause of all that issues?
Thank you.


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Jan 27, 2014
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Hi Adrian,

I doubt that this is a battery issue :) Removing the battery is basically equal to rebooting the phone. I would suggest:

1. Do a factory reset. The option should be available under settings. This will keep you on the current build you have :)

2. Download the windows devices recovery tool. Install it. Connect your phone to it, just to check if it does read it (some users report that the tool doesn't detect their devices). If everything is successful go ahead and reset the device.

Keep in mind that the second option will downgrade the device back to the OS version it shipped with. So in your case that would be windows mobile 8.1? You can get back to WM10, but the process will most likely take up some of your time.

In both instances I would skip the restore option when setting up the device again.

If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.


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Mar 27, 2015
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Hi, Adrian,

I have an L830 and installed the .1944 update last week. My phone wouldn't even switch on to install it for hours, after which I had your same first problem and solved it with the battery pull as you did. I have a spare battery and tried both of them many times without success before the phone decided to work. I agree it is probably not a battery issue.
Is the News app stored on an SD card? I ask because your second issue has happened to my phone a number of times in the past on various apps including News. The vibration was very worrying. I eventually traced it to a problem with the SD card which I replaced and it has never happened again.
I don't want to put the phone back to 8.1 because I resisted moving to 10 for a long time until apps I rely on disappeared from 8.1. But I don't trust the phone enough to use it as my main phone anymore. Every monthly patch seems to bring random new problems which eventually resolve themselves with battery pulls and being switched off overnight. Good luck with yours.

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