03-02-2012 08:45 PM
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  1. andrew_jackson's Avatar
    I took this photo when my cat discovered that water comes out of a tap and she was fascinated by it. The photo looks better in colour but I hope that black and white on it also looks good.
    I used PhotoFunia to edit the photo on my phone, hope you enjoy!
    HTC 7 Mozart (Which has unfortunatly got water damage and a scratch on the screen
    02-25-2012 04:06 PM
  2. jgoicoechea's Avatar
    The T-Mobile HD7 is my phone, photo taken by my college roommate's Samsung Focus!
    02-25-2012 04:08 PM
  3. vangel161's Avatar
    Athens 2012
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    02-25-2012 04:27 PM
  4. Winterfang's Avatar
    Great picture there vangel161. Make it Black and White and you might be the winner :D.
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    02-25-2012 05:08 PM
  5. jryoung86's Avatar
    Here is a pic I took with my Titan while inspecting damage caused by a fire for my work.
    02-25-2012 05:10 PM
  6. yunchikan's Avatar
    Taken on my Focus S on macro :]
    02-25-2012 06:21 PM
  7. yunkikan's Avatar
    Samsung Focus S
    02-25-2012 06:30 PM
  8. mistazhou's Avatar
    Taken with an arrive, nothing fancy like Paris, just taking advantage of my time at the Minneapolis Airport Delta Sky Club! Cropped and sharpened to get rid of the yucky stuff. Good luck to all! Awesome give away!
    02-25-2012 06:50 PM
  9. cajunjedi's Avatar
    So this is a picture of the Empire State Building taken from my HTC Radar back in November. I simply converted it to b&w with Thumba after taking it and that's it! Good luck all.
    02-25-2012 07:18 PM
  10. GregRJacobs's Avatar
    Unfortunately Some Things Between Husband 7 Wife Should Be Kept Hidden...
    02-25-2012 07:22 PM
  11. baileystein's Avatar
    Just wanted to upload a random one.
    02-25-2012 07:30 PM
  12. freeborn1976's Avatar
    Taken on my Samsung Omnia 7. Beautiful Aussie sunshine with my 3yo son dressing up as a dragon!
    02-25-2012 07:47 PM
  13. wolfdtx's Avatar
    Got theses from a one-eyed man.

    Shot w my Dell Venue Pro, edited in Pictures Lab. Would love a new Nokia! Enjoy.

    02-25-2012 09:13 PM
  14. rossart12's Avatar
    Took this at a South Korean Buddhist temple this summer with my LG Quantum, and converted it to B&W with Pictomaphone.
    02-25-2012 09:50 PM
  15. fdesa12's Avatar
    Took this on my mom's HTC Radar 4G. Shot of the sun taken between the roof of an SUV and it's rails (the ones for carrying/tying down equipment on top of your car).
    02-25-2012 10:53 PM
  16. danielm298's Avatar
    taken with htc titan ; go ahead and send me my phone now
    02-25-2012 10:55 PM
  17. Jason.R's Avatar
    Taken this with my HTC Mozart.
    02-26-2012 01:38 AM
  18. zXXXr's Avatar
    This is a picture the surrounding area of La Bufadora in Baja California. This was taken with my Samsung Focus on 2/19/12. I used the app Fantasia Painter to make it black and white
    02-26-2012 02:43 AM
  19. steve70's Avatar
    WP7 Titan photo at Louie Mueller's BBQ outside Austin TX
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    02-26-2012 05:03 AM
  20. wellthatsjustbonza's Avatar
    Being a longtime Nokia fan (I still use my indestructible 6820 as it's easier to touchtype using it even though I have my Omnia7 :D ) I came across some graffiti on a wall while on holiday and found it hilarious!

    So just thought I'd share!
    02-26-2012 05:40 AM
  21. adriel623's Avatar
    This is a pic I took while on a trip to downtown Philadelphia. So many nice pieces of architecture there. Hope I win.
    02-26-2012 06:54 AM
  22. Mike_F's Avatar
    Taken with my HD7. He fell asleep at 'kid watch' while we were at the gym. He must have been really tired!

    It would be nice if a gen-1 phone would win.
    02-26-2012 08:09 AM
  23. Shack2424's Avatar
    My entry.....
    02-26-2012 08:27 AM
  24. Jason Ward's Avatar
    On Saturday Feb 25th 2012

    She Said Yes
    Standing beneath the canvas of a star-filled sky,
    Against the flowing backdrop of the lake,
    Our feet upon the place where I first proclaimed my love,
    I looked into her face,
    My star, my rose, my love -
    I descended to one knee,
    Before this gift-this jewel God has given me,
    Hidden on my person was a jewel she did not see-whose brilliance, fire and scintillation is simply a reflection you see -
    Of the star that stood before me, beneath her peers up in the sky- I looked into her eyes
    Encapsulated, captivated by the poetry of the night.
    I released the hidden jewel and revealed it for her to see-
    And asked my star, my rose- will you marry me-
    When she found her voice, in her embrace I was blessed,
    For through her tears of joy - she said, "yes."

    PHOTO: Taken with my HTC Titan
    02-26-2012 08:31 AM
  25. USP45's Avatar
    Playing with fire. Capturing fleeting moments that otherwise might be lost is one of the qualities of a phone's camera.

    We have a Nokia in the family. My wife desperately needs one now.
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    02-26-2012 09:58 AM
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